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The role of bathing and sweating
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After a long, hard day, nothing is more comfortable than a bath. There we can enjoy a good book, sip some bubbles, and indulge in some peace and tranquility.

The bathtub is a brilliant setting for your bathroom design that never brings elegance to any decoration. However, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, there are a lot more to the bath than the eye can see. In addition to helping us relax, a hot bath has many health benefits. This makes bathing an ideal choice for those who need to improve blood circulation or who want to reduce stress. See how you can benefit from a shiny new bathtub.

They can transform your bathroom. Over the past few years, bathtub design has evolved dramatically, and thankfully, there are some great solutions for you to choose from. A new bathtub can offer a new look, or completely change your bathroom. If carefully chosen, the following is a quick and concise bathtub available:

Independent bathtub

Free standing bathtub is a popular trend and a perfect choice for bijou bathroom to save space. Although they use as much space as an ordinary bathtub, these amazing exhibits allow the space to flow around, making it visually lighter. The freestanding bathtub can be placed anywhere in the bathroom, which provides more flexibility for installation. However, you may need to consult the plumber to determine where pipes can be used.

2.jpgClaw foot bathtub

Claw shaped bathtub is ideal for modern or traditional theme bathrooms. They usually use traditional style curled top, which can exude elegance in any environment. They can be paired with wooden feet for Scandinavian style, or they can be paired with gorgeous chrome feet for a traditional style. In most cases, the opening provides space for a deck mounted bathtub filler or tub shower mixer faucet.


Standard shower bathtub

Standard bathtubs are perfect for home environments and are usually the cheapest. Made of acrylic, the outside is closed by bath board, easy to clean and maintain. Shower bathtubs are very similar to standard bathtubs, but more functional. It is shaped like an ordinary bathtub, but has extra shower space at one end. The shower bathtub is usually equipped with a shower screen, which is an ideal choice for family residence. They can be lined up against the wall, allowing you to shower and shower without having to install two separate enclosures.


Increase attribute value

Taking a shower can greatly improve the marketing of your property, which in turn increases the price of your house. If you don't take a shower, your house may be sold longer than usual and may affect the buyer's bid. This is because young children often need a bath, and many first-time home buyers usually want to create a family oriented environment. If a young family wants to buy a three bed semi detached house, they may be deterred from having a bath.

For bijou bathrooms, it's hard to squeeze into a separate shower and bathtub. That's why the shower is the perfect and compact solution to provide the best of both worlds. Just install a screen on an existing straight bath or buy a specially designed shower tub that is larger at one end than the other. By installing a shower on it, you can shower and bathe in the smallest space. In addition, in a strangely shaped room, the freestyle bathtub works well under the eaves of a sloping roof.

Numerous health benefits

Bathing is not only relaxing, but also healthy for you! Hydrotherapy has been practiced for centuries because the use of both hot and cold water can have beneficial effects on the body. Bathing is associated with many scientifically proven health benefits to ensure optimal physical and mental health.

Improving heart health

Unless you have a congenital heart disease, a hot bath will make your heart beat faster and your heart will get healthy exercise. Your blood becomes less viscous, which makes the blood vessels function better; it improves the circulation of the body. A hot bath can lower blood pressure, improve heart function, and even help digestion.

Raise your mood

In 2002, a study at Wolverhampton University found that taking a bath once a day, usually at the end of the day, significantly improved participants' mental health and promoted optimism. This is considered to be a combination of physical comfort, warmth, isolation and body positioning.

Assisted breathing

Soaking in hot water in front of your chest can increase your vital capacity and oxygen intake. When the water is hot, your heart beats faster, oxygen intake can be improved, and the steam generated will clean your sinuses and chest.

Relieve muscle pain

A hot bath can be considered an alternative "hot compress" that increases the temperature of the painful muscle, blocking the pain sensor and producing an analgesic effect.

Reduce cold symptoms

A bath can cure the terrible cold in winter! A bath won't make it disappear, but soaking yourself in hot water can provide steam therapy. Inhalation of steam can clear the nasal passages and reduce inflammation. It is an excellent method to treat nasal obstruction. Higher body temperature is also thought to improve the function of certain elements of your immune system more effectively.

weight control

A recent independent study has shown that bathing in hot water can help lower blood sugar levels. Preliminary evidence suggests that immersion in a hot water bath for 60 minutes produces similar anti-i

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